Pearl  Grading
Under each pearl is a label which shows the grading for the pearl – the pearl’s shape, lustre, surface marks and size. Our grading system has both a grade for lustre and another for the marks (spots) on the surface of the pearl.  This provides more information making it easier and quicker for our customers to select the pearls they require.

R1    Round
R2    Near Round
R3    Semi Round
Dr1  Smooth drop shape
Dr2  Drop with knob on top
Bu   Button
Cir   Circle (rings around pearl)
BQ  Baroque – no shape
EX     Excellent
AAA  Very Good
AA     Good
A        Fair
-A       Poor
AAA  One or no spot
AA    Spots on 1/3rd or less
         of the pearl’s surface.
         When set the face of
         the pearl is clean.
 A     Spots on more than
         1/3rd of the pearl’s
         surface. When set
         spots will be visible.